As an Ofsted Outstanding school, Chauncy is a great place to train to be a teacher but many people do not realise that Chauncy runs a whole variety of training courses leading to people becoming classroom teachers.

Some routes do not even require a degree-level qualification if a person shows the necessary commitment and talent to educate young people. For more information, or to arrange a visit and career consultation please email Craig Burnett (Assistant Head) via

Chauncy has a great deal of experience in training colleagues with degrees on the more traditional training routes into education, including the PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education). People who successfully complete this course are now guaranteed a starting salary of £30,000 and colleagues who teach at our school can typically expect to be on at least £40,000 six years later with most earning over £45,000 as they take on the responsibilities of various curriculum and pastoral roles.

If you feel you could make a contribution to education, please get in touch. We run a School Experience Programme and offer advice and support for candidates hoping to join the profession. It’s a rewarding and fascinating career. Just email Craig Burnett as your first step on the journey.