All the students receiving their A Level and BTEC grades this morning earned those grades. In this outrageous year, they worked from home, locked down and away from their teachers and the support of their fellow students. Remote learning is harder.

Chauncy students have done their best and they have achieved very well. If they worked with us, and pretty much everyone did they have achieved in line with the grades we predicted in the Spring. Many enjoyed having assignments set on 20% of the course each week, rather than 100% of the course in a couple of terminal exams. In your line of work do you have to perform all the skills you have ever learned in one go?

I am so pleased that we managed a Year 13 BBQ and so proud of the way the students worked with us, showed tremendous resilience and put their minds to their work. They buckled down and will now move on. Steve Walton’s daughter is about to start her 2nd year at uni and my girl has just graduated so we know the joys and reservations many parents feel today as their “children” look forward to university. Others will be going to work, some in good apprentice schemes, and they will be working harder and socialising less than the continuing students.

We wish all Chauncy students the best and hope they will remember their teachers and Chauncy with affection and pride. Having survived the last 18 months successfully there is possibly no limit to what these young people can achieve.

Dennis O’Sullivan (Headteacher)