Year 10 Summer Examinations will begin on Monday 15th June 2015.

It is important that you are on time for all exams so please read through the exam timetable carefully and check that you know what you are doing and where the exams are being held.

EXAM TIMETABLE: Year 10 Examinations timetable V3

It is important that you treat these exams seriously as the grades may have to be used if you are absent for the actual exams later in the school year.  Staff will also be using them to determine your estimated grades which have to be sent to the exam boards.

If you miss an exam for any reason, you will need to complete this examination after school at a different time.

When you don’t have an exam you need to use the time to revise for other exams. You can do this at home on “study leave”. However, you can also revise in the Study Centre. If you wish to come into school and you don’t have an exam you don’t have to wear uniform.

EXAM LEAVE LETTER: Year 10 Students Exam Leave Letter 2015 v3


It is important that you bring the correct equipment to all examinations. For example; two black pens, calculator, rubber, pencils etc.


You must wear full school uniform for your exams.


Normal lessons will resume on the morning of Wednesday 23rd June.


If there are any queries at all please see me as soon as possible.


Good luck,


Miss Jo Bayley (Year 10 Learning Co-ordinator)