Year Seven Revision

The Year 7 exams begin the week after half term commencing 3rd June 2019. Students should use the half term break to prepare for these tests. Your subject teacher will provide you with advice and materials on how best to revise for their subject. Sam Learning tasks could also help with both your exam and independent learning target for your Chauncy Passport. You can also access the revision guides here.

The exams take place in normal lesson time. See below for the timetable.

Year 7 Exam Timetable 2019

Revision_timetable_(Word 2010)
Revision_timetable (PDF)


Students have been working through key questions in class. These questions remain the same each year, so it is vital that you learn what will appear in the exam using various fiction and non-fiction passages to assist revision. Use this revision guide to help you prepare for your English exam. Could also read a book too!

English Revision guide

Additional help aimed at 7j & 7y – 7yj Revision Booklet


You will be doing either foundation or higher paper, you must check with your teacher what level you will doing. There will be 3 parts to the examination:

  • Paper 1 (Non-Calculator) (60 Minutes)
  • Paper 2 (Calculator) (60 Minutes)
  • Times Table test (5 minutes

KS3 EOY Assessment Revision Lists 

Revision Process:

  1. Identify which main topics are coming up in your paper.
  2. Use the MathsWatch or Doddle to look at topics and answer questions
    1. Year 7 Maths Doddle References
    2. How to use Doddle
  3. Read through revision guide for extra help on topics you are unsure of. – Maths Revision Guide – Yr7

Full list of MathsWatch Clips

Topics to Revise

Reading Graphs
Number Arithmetic
Solving Equations
Area/Volume (including of a circle)

Use Maths Watch

   Centre ID: chauncyschool

Username: School Login
e.g. 17smithj@chauncy

Password: chauncy


Work through your revision guides, answering the questions as you go.



Bonjour & Hola!

Please use the following Revision guides to help you study for your exam!

In addition you should also use Memrise! (specific links are on SMHW)

Year 7 Spanish revision guide 2019

Year 7 revision guide French 2019


Please use the following Revision guides to help you study for your exam!

History Revision Year 7

History Revision Worksheet Year 7


Please use the following Revision guides to help you study for your exam!

Geography Revision Booklet – Yr7


The end of year exam is a combination of practical assessment across the year and end of unit tests.
For the written end of unit test students should use the SAM Learning activities on each topic to revise. They can be found under: Activities > KS3 > Music > Topic e.g. African drumming.


  1. Students will have a practical assessment which focuses on their ability to work as part of a team, their creativity and their performance skills
  2. The second part will be a Sam learning task which tests their knowledge of topics explored throughout the year and key drama vocabulary


You will be assessed on everything you have covered this year via a yacapaca quiz.

Sam Learning Tasks have been set that will help you revise all aspects of Computing this year.
Cyber Security
Number Systems (Binary)

Religious Studies


Students in Year 7 will be tested on three units of study.  Firstly, they should know key terms referring to the nature of God. These are listed on the revision powerpoint.  They will also have to show an understanding of Hindu views about God.
Next they will need to remember the work we did on rites of passage.  This includes Baptism, Bar Mitzvah and Marriage (Christian, Hindu and Jewish weddings).  Finally, students should be aware of what communities are and some of the central features of communities.  Full details will be provided to students before the half term holiday. In addition, keywords can be studied using the Quizlet website or app.  Good luck!

Year 7 revision guide 2019 – RE