Year 6 New Intake Day – Thursday 13 July – 9am – 3pm

It’s going to be a fun and exciting day for the children.

Come up the steps from the car park onto the front playground. Mr Crawley (Learning Co-ordinator for Year 7) will be there to meet you with the Form Tutors at 9.00 am, so you should aim to arrive at 8.50 am.

We would like to invite you to your first Parents’ Meeting at Chauncy School on Thursday 13th July.

Parents should attend at 6.00pm if your surname starts with a letter between A and L in the alphabet. Those of you with a surname starting with the letters M – Z should attend at 7.00pm.  The entire event should last no more than an hour.

Each session will start with a short talk from Mr O’Sullivan to outline a few procedures, some expectations to share and details of some of the support we offer our students and their families.  You will then have the opportunity to meet your child’s form tutor who will be your first point of contact for school issues.  A number of other adults will be present and Mr O’Sullivan will introduce Alan Crawley, the Learning Co-ordinator for Year 7 whose job is to draw together the various aspects of Year 7 life at Chauncy.