We are constantly promoting healthy lifestyles, safer journeys to school and better environmental quality. Therefore, we ask parents and students to consider the following:

1. Walk to school if you can. Many of our children live within sensible walking distance from the school, yet travel to and are collected from Chauncy by car.

2. For those who have to travel, why not use public transport? Information about Hertfordshire Saver cards can be found here:…/Saver…/savercard.aspx

3. Why not ‘Park and Stride’ – pick a drop-off point such as ASDA car park and allow the children to walk the rest of the journey to school?

4. We have always encouraged scooting and cycling to school and we have built a cycle storage unit to accommodate those who wish to bring scooters and cycles to school. All we ask is you wear a helmet, you have working lights and brakes fitted on your cycle and we will let you park your bike at Chauncy.

In addition, we lower the barrier at school gates at the end of the day between 3.30pm and 3.45pm to separate children from vehicles on our site.

We have banned staff and student vehicles from the bottom playground and we will be moving cars out of the bus lanes at the end of the school day, to let our buses park up safely. Can we also request that parents do not come onto the school site to collect their child unless this has been formally agreed with the school?

We will also move poorly parked drivers who block pedestrian access and park on zebra crossings around the entrances to the school. Please don’t get cross with us if we move you on, we have a happy, safe and successful school and we just want to keep it that way!

Steve Walton (Deputy Headteacher)