Super Saturday – Year Eleven Maths Revision Morning 6th June 2015

super-saturday Dear Year 11 students, Your first Maths exam (Paper 1, Non-Calculator) is on Thursday 4th June, with Paper 2 (Calculator) following on Monday 8th June. There is a weekend in between where no other exams occur. This gives us an amazing opportunity to be very smart and help you revise with maximum effectiveness. Once you have sat Paper 1 we will then know which topics have come up, but more importantly… which topics have NOT come up. The exam board won’t repeat questions / skills, so it allows us to draw up a list of topics / skills that are very likely to appear in Paper 2. We will be putting on a revision morning focusing on the topics yet to appear. There is a short turn-around time, but long enough for us to have a really powerful impact. Most schools won’t do this, but the Chauncy Maths Department teachers are giving their Saturday morning to our Year 11 students. We feel that this is a golden opportunity to make a real difference to students’ performance in the second paper. Good luck with your revision, see you in lessons, and we look forward to seeing you on SUPER SATURDAY! Ian Rooke (Head of Maths)