This morning’s A Level and BTech results are really good. Almost without exception, our students achieved the grades they worked for, earned and deserved. Around 100 of our students sat exams this summer having never taken a public exam before. Covid wiped out their GCSE exams and two years later there were first-time nerves for everyone.

In 2020 and 2021 there were no A-Level exams either and teachers had to predict the grades their students would achieve if there had been exams. Final grades were higher than in 2019 because teachers were predicting the best result each student could achieve with hard work. In 2022 our 18-year-olds had the additional burden of not having been taught many of their courses in their entirety. So it is a magnificent reflection of students’ resilience and dedication and a very positive reflection of their determination that the results are superb. The grades are a little higher than in 2019 and lower than in 2021 and this is exactly as the government instructed the exam boards to award.

Vocational qualifications in subjects such as engineering and business were less subject to Covid restrictions as much of their qualification is coursework-dependent. These results have helped the vocational students to apprenticeships, jobs and university places and do largely reflect commitment and consistent hard work.

Our A-Level students in all subjects have mainly achieved the grades required to progress to their next career choice, at university, work or in higher level apprenticeships and they can be delighted with the fruits of their labours.

The sixth form staff have been dealing with a very small number of queries this morning and will continue to be available for any student who is in need of help or advice concerning their grades or their future choices.

The teachers have been brilliant and should be thanked by all concerned.- they overcame unique challenges to help every student achieve.