I am sorry to have to tell you that Year Nine students will not be awarded a GCSE in Statistics this summer.
The exam regulator, OFQUAL “advised” the exam boards that they will not accredit early entries.
OFQUAL advice applies to all qualifications to be taken by any student in any subject anywhere in the UK.
We have no right of appeal.
Many of our students have worked very hard in learning new skills and knowledge in what is a challenging subject.
Although they will not receive a GCSE grade this summer their increased understanding of statistics will be useful in their Maths GCSE and in other subjects.
Understanding Statistics is a fantastic life skill and it will help them interpret all sorts of media, advertising, political and economic data.
I would like to thank our Year Nine students for their hard work and commitment.
As soon as we return to school they will be starting their GCSE courses and they should be happy to know that, statistically, Chauncy kids out perform others – both locally and nationally.
It is ok to be disappointed and a few moments silent bad language is perfectly understandable.
Then they will have to move on, stay indoors, be nice, make dinner for their family, read a book and then get on to MyMaths and Maths Watch websites.

Dennis O’Sullivan (Headteacher)


Vocational qualifications for Year Eleven and Thirteen students will be judged on the same basis as other qualifications: on predicted grades.

However, BTEC and Cambridge National students have banked work and exam results which will be used alongside the predicted grades.

The latest guidance can be found here:

Dennis O’Sullivan (Headteacher)