National Students’ Art Exhibition 2018

Several of our talented students have had their work selected to be exhibited in the National Students’ Art Exhibition. Thousands of pieces get entered each year but only fraction get chosen for exhibition. Last year only one of our students got through, so the following students deserve special recognition: Reece Finnis (Year 12), Jake Husband (Year 12), Ellie Matthews (Year 12), Tom Weiss (Year 12), Abigail Dill (Year 11), Emilie Cartwright (Year 10), Lily Davies (Year 10), Bliss Ashley (Year 10), and Ally Offer (Year 10).

The following, whilst not selected, were highly commended by the judges: Ellie Howling (Year 12) and Molly Cummings (Year 12).

If you’d like to go and see this exhibition or would like more information about the National Students’ Art Exhibition, please visit:

 Rebecca Williams (Teacher of Art)