We have air conditioning in most classrooms at Chauncy. There are cool rooms for kids to literally chill at break and lunchtime. However, everyone has to get home at the hottest time of the next few days.

All students may wear Chauncy PE kit on Monday and Tuesday. Chauncy PE kit, not beachwear or designer sportswear.

We will end lessons at 1.00 pm on Monday and Tuesday and advise everyone to stay indoors somewhere as cool as possible. Parents of medically vulnerable children or those needing to travel on buses without air conditioning may decide to keep them at home on Monday and Tuesday. We will remain open as a school and anyone wishing to remain with us during the afternoon is welcome to remain in school, indoors, in air-conditioned areas. We will be opening the canteen at 1.00 pm with a weather-appropriate menu – including our ridiculously popular ice lollies.

School will return to normal times on Wednesday and we have Chauncy Rocks in the evening. The concert rooms are air-conditioned and there is a bar and bbq.

Dennis O’Sullivan – Headteacher