There may be dancing in Ware’s rainy streets today as Chauncy students receive their GCSE results.
Despite Covid restrictions, isolation, zoom and illness Chauncy students have performed brilliantly. In an excellent school with superb teachers, we should expect our students to do well and they have exceeded our expectations. Each student is unique so amalgamated grades are only a sideline for the press and government. What really matters is that every individual student has earned their results and can now move on to the next challenges and hurdles in education or work.
We have had a very quiet morning as most students are happy and know their next steps.
We are here to advise if needed and are welcoming many young people into our 6th form. In the last week, we have welcomed six students from other schools into our successful 6th form and remain proud to do our best to offer the right courses for every young person.
Well done to all the 16-year-olds joining our 6th form and best wishes to those signing up for college courses.
Oh yes, well done to all the families who supported their children, and schools, through these unique years. Working together really does bring success.

Dennis O’Sullivan (Headteacher)