Catering Manager Vacancy

People are always leaving me to cope with the important things in school. And now our Catering Manager/Chef has decided to quit after just 22 years.

It is possibly a badly kept secret that I have grown during my time at Chauncy and I blame Linda for this. At previous schools I left the very ordinary food alone and went to the local baker’s, or just settled for tea and cigarettes. The canteen choice was paltry and was a lot like school dinners in the 1960s, greasy or bone dry. Linda came up through the infamous turkey twizzler era and has led us into being able to make the choices to eat a lot healthier and so much tastier. The choice of food is amazing and some days I buy two meals through indecision.

So we are looking for a new Catering Manager who is also a great cook and can dedicate their working days to feeding me and around 700 others at break and again at lunch. If cooking proper Christmas dinner over four days appeals and you recognise the good that well prepared food does to our kids have a look at the massive job description on the website.

Given that my first visit to Ware in 1968 was to deliver sausages an understanding of the importance of the varieties of sausages on offer is obviously vital.

The advert is on our website, click here and we are looking to appoint someone to start in March so that there is a one month handover with Linda.