Revision Tips

Top tips from our students


Subject tips and resources
  • Look back over your work in your books/folders, reading through the questions and working, making sure you understand
  • Use online lessons/videos/podcasts on mymaths, mathswatch, Sam learning and BBC bytesize
  • Do the practice papers/questions given to you by your teacher
  • Go to Maths homework club on any lunchtime for help on anything at all you’re unsure of
  • Read a variety of both fiction and non-fiction material.
  • You can also prepare by remembering key points such as the importance of planning, writing in paragraphs, accurate spelling and punctuation.


  • Use your CRAM booklets to identify topics you’re not sure about so that you can target your revision on these topics first
  • Talk to your friends, organise revision parties, working together can be more fun.
  • is a useful website for your revision.
  • Plan your revision to aim to try and do 10-15 minutes revision a day over a period of time rather than leaving everything to the last minute, panicking to squeeze in everything an hour or two the evening before the exam
  • Read through the notes made in your exercise books (and homework booklets) paying particular attention to any mistakes that have been corrected so that you can avoid making the same mistakes again
  • Use the Linguascope website to revise vocabulary for the specific topic areas highlighted by your class teachers – there are lots of different matching and sorting activities and you can also click on an icon to hear how the words should be pronounced
  • The Sam Learning website is also useful
  • Speak to your class teacher if there is something you do not understand or need help with anything
  • Think about trying to meet up with a “study buddy” from your language class to revise together if nobody at home speaks the language you are learning and you struggle to revise alone at home
Revision Timetable
  • Please click here to download the Year Seven Revision Timetable
  • Click here to download a blank revision template to help you plan your revision.
Advice For Parents
  • Helping your child through exams – A Parents Guide
  • BBC Learning: Parents – Helping your child through exams click here


Exam Timetable
  • The Year Seven Exam Timetable will appear here in the summer term