Vaping Rules at Chauncy School

Whilst vaping has been promoted as a tool for tobacco smoking cessation, the health implications of using vapes are uncertain.
We do not know the chemical content of vape liquid and the market is flooded with unregulated devices targeted at children.
Recent research suggests that the nicotine levels in these devices can be far higher than in cigarettes and long-term exposure to some of the chemicals found in these devices may be harmful.
Problems with teenage vaping are widespread and many schools have recently reported recent concerns.
Vaping is an anti-social habit, with children leaving lessons and learning to vape during the school day.
Children dominate toilet blocks at break and lunchtime so that they can vape, discouraging other students from, using the facilities.
There have also been reports of students encouraging younger students to try and them buy vapes and subsequent incidents of bullying if students owe money to the vape sellers.
Therefore vapes are banned at Chauncy School.
Chauncy School has the power to search, confiscate and destroy banned items such as vapes.
Students caught vaping or in possession of vapes will be suspended for five days.
Students who distribute or sell vapes may face permanent exclusion.
We will report any retailer selling vapes to under-18s to Hertfordshire Police.