Online Learning


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Edulink One
This is our student, staff and parental portal. You can see your timetable, homework, messages and academic reviews.
Google Classroom
This is our virtual learning environment. You can access classrooms, resources, G-mail and Google apps.
Sam Learning
This is a comprehensive collection of online curriculum learning tools:  lessons, presentations, quizzes and tests.
A revision tool aimed at improving knowledge and recall.
A revision tool aimed at improving knowledge and recall.
Chauncy Music
A website for GCSE Music students, providing resources for theory, performance and composition.
A complete platform for Mathematics resources including lessons, presentations, worksheets, quizzes and tests.
An accelerated GCSE learning system to boost revision in most curriculum subjects.
PiXL Apps
Exam board specific revision and learning tools for History and English Literature.
BBC Bitesize
A comprehensive platform for online learning for revision, homework and research. There are banks of resources, videos, quizzes and games for each GCSE subject.
An online language learning tool with learning and review opportunities.
An interactive Language Learning platform to support GCSE Languages.
An online resource full of videos, revision notes and knowledge-checking games to boost learning. A must for GCSE Business students.
A game based learning platform to make revision fun.
An online programme that uses flashcards, games and learning tools to assist revision.
3D Brain—Psychology
Rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research. 
Please search  the Apple Store, Apps on Google Play  or visit:
Use the Quizizz app to learn anything, anywhere. You can study on your own or engage in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations—in person and remotely. Quizizz is used by more than 20 million people per month in schools, homes, and offices around the world.
Oak National Academy
From the start of primary, all the way to key stage 4, we provide free access to thousands of teacher-made, fully-resourced lessons to adapt and use with your pupils.

How do I log on to…

Edulink One
Student Login
School ID:  chauncy
Username: 19blogsJ—same as school network login
Password:  Same as school network login 
Edulink One
Parent Login
School ID:  chauncy
Google ClassroomYour username is your school e-mail address.
Your default password is Password (capital P).
Your teachers will invite you to their Google Classroom with a code sent by Edulink / e-mail.
Click here for further guidance
EdulinkUsername: year_started last_name first_letter_of_first_name (e.g 19smithf if Fred started in 2019)
Password: same as school system. 
Sam LearningCentre Id: SG12CS
Username: school e-mail address e.g.
Password: is school e-mail address if you haven’t changed it
My MathsSchool log in: Chauncy
Password: Charts4
Manga HighType school ID:  99867
Then enter log in details given by your Maths Teacher.
Hint:  You can change your details so they are tmThe same as school log in
Username: School Log in with @chauncy on the end. E.g. Joe Bloggs year 7 would be 19bloggsj@chauncy
Password: same as user name (e.g. 20bloggsj@chauncy
Pixl Timestable AppSchool ID: CU892
Username: year_started last_name first_letter_of_first_name (e.g 19smithf if Fred started in 2019)
Password: chauncy 
KerboodleUsername: first initial followed by surname eg.  Kate Branston becomes KBranston
Password:  same as username unless you have changed it
Institution code: tau4
Active LearnInstitution: type in ‘chauncy’ and the school will be selected
Username: year_started last_name first_letter_of_first_name (e.g 19smithf if Fred started in 2019)
Password: chauncy303
Code AvengersSome year groups will have accounts created for them by their Computing teachers.
Username: Log in with Google Classroom username, e.g. school e-mail address.
Password: Log in with Google Classroom password.