Learning Support

Chauncy strives to be an inclusive school offering a broad and balanced curriculum for all our students from our local community. During their school career, some students may require additional provision to achieve their potential and the SEN team work alongside our teaching staff to offer some students appropriate support – guided by our transition process, professional advice, observations or diagnostic assessment. Parents are informed of the provision in place for their child and have opportunities to discuss this with the SENCo or the most appropriate member of the SEN team throughout the year. Information on each child’s specific needs, and appropriate strategies to support their learning, is shared with all teaching staff to ensure a co-ordinated approach.

Our statement of SEN support is below and further information is available in the school SEN Information Report/SEN Policy, which can be accessed via the website.

SEND Provision at Chauncy – a guide for schools and parents

Chauncy is a mainstream secondary school aiming to serve the communities of Ware and the surrounding villages.

We try our best to welcome and teach all local children who can access the secondary curriculum.

All Hertfordshire mainstream secondary schools have the same funding and are obliged by law to welcome children with special educational needs.

Chauncy is a government designated centre for Gifted and Talented Education.

• There is no 1-1 provision unless funded by Exceptional Needs Funding (ENF).

• There is no personalised meet and greet facility or staffing at Chauncy.

• Children move around the school every hour, unaccompanied by adults.

• We have exactly 1160 students and transition between lessons is busy.

• We set by ability from September 1st.

• We aim to offer some whole class support available for lower ability groups.

• Bottom groups have about 22 students with complex needs so support is diluted.

• Teachers do not do individually differentiate materials – there is not time to do this.

• There is no Quiet Room to run to – we do not have the staff.

• Students are expected to stay in lessons and each lesson is 60 minutes long.

• There is no nurture provision.

• All students are required and expected to follow our behaviour policy.

• Students who swear at adults are excluded.

• Every student who has ever assaulted an adult has been permanently excluded.

• We do not accept SEND as an excuse for violence.

• In line with education law we do not offer part-time timetables.

• In extreme cases we can request a session with an educational psychologist.

• We have a counsellor 1 day a week to support our 1160 students.

• We do not supervise individuals at break or lunch – 5 staff supervise the 1160.

Our SEND funding is EXACTLY the same as Presdales, Simon Balle and Richard Hale schools.