Chauncy Passport

What is it?
  • A significant achievement award
  • Proof of meeting your targets as you progress though the year
  • Graduation from your year group
What do I need to do to achieve the Chauncy Passport?

Meet these six achieveable targets:

  • Attendance & Punctuality target – Attend school on time with an attendance rate better than 96%
  • 8.15am Club Graduation target – Complete your 8.15am club, (i.e. finish the Lexia programme)
  • House Point target – Achieve 400 House Points in Year Seven
  • Extra Curricular target – Represent the school or regularly attend one of our clubs
  • Community Service target – Collect evidence where you have helped in a community activity
  • Independent Learning target – Complete 50 hours of online study using our approved software