Year 7 Language Options Letter

7 October 2014


Dear Parent/Carer


Re: Year 7 Language Options for Students in Teaching Groups 7C, 7P, 7S, 7A and 7I


As you are aware, students in the above groups have been given the opportunity to experience a variety of French, German and Spanish lessons during their first few weeks at Chauncy and I am writing to advise you that we would now like to ask the students to choose the language they wish to continue learning.  This is an important decision as the language selected will be the language they are timetabled to study from Half Term and then throughout the rest of year 7 and through years 8 and 9 (and hopefully longer if they chose to take a language at GCSE).  Students in 7J will continue studying French throughout year 7.


Whilst we will do our very best to meet all student choices, there are certain staffing and timetabling limitations and students will be allocated their language groups on a first come first served basis.  Can you please ensure that the reply slip below is completed and returned to the main school office in reception as soon as possible and by Monday 13 October at the very latest to ensure that the class lists can be finalised before Half Term.


It was lovely to meet so many parents and carers in our French lessons during the recent Welcome to Chauncy Evening and I hope that all of those students signed up for the forthcoming “Bonjour la France” trip have a great time in France – “Bon voyage!”


Yours faithfully

Mrs R McFiggans

Head of Languages




Year 7 Language Option


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