Survival Geography 2015


Settlement Study
  • How did early settlers organise themselves to form the villages, towns and cities we know today? How can we learn from early settlers to set up a safe camp?
  • Campsite Set Up
  • Set up a safe camp in record time!
Stormy Weather Activity
  • Why does it rain?
  • What causes temperature change?
  • How can we observe and record the weather?

This is a 8.30am – 2.30pm day. You will be at Chauncy all day.

Please bring a packed lunch, water bottle and pencil case.

Highlights from Saturday 25th July 2015

Highlights from Survival Geography Day Three

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Student Logbook Entry – Saturday 25th July 2015 by James Lee

Today we began our day by finishing off some work on grid references with Miss Haverkamp. We learned about four figure and six figure grid references and how to use them. Next we went outside and pitched our tents. Our team worked very well even when we had to pack it all up. Next we did a some work on Settlement, where we learned about permanent and temporary settlements and the different things needed to create a good settlement. After lunch we did some work on the water cycle and how and why it rains. We finished the day learning about different climates. Today was fun and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Today I have learned:

1 About how there are many factors that can influence climate.

2 How to pitch a tent.

3 Lots of fancy words about rain!