Survival Geography 2015


Morning Session – Introduction

Introduction Morning. Students engage in team building activities to get to know each other. They learn how to use the school’s ICT network and are sorted in to challenge teams for the week.

Afternoon Session – Where In The World?

Where In The World? Using ordnance survey maps and ICT to improve map skills.

This is an 8.30am—2.30pm day.

Highlights from Thursday 23rd July 2015

Survival Geography 2015: Day One Thurs 23.07.2015 from Steve Walton Chauncy on Vimeo.

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Student Logbook Entry – Thursday 23rd July 2015 by Isobel Morgan

Today as I arrived at Chauncy School I was actually quite nervous, but as soon as I met some girls I knew that I was going to have fun! Mr Walton told us what we were going to be doing and took a register. Next we participated in activities to help us improve our teamwork. At first we weren’t very good but as we went along we became much better. Afterwards we went inside and made a cover for out logbooks, had team photos and then Photoshopped them to make them look good. After lunch we had a lesson on how to read maps. The main things that I learned in this part were grid references, scales and map symbols. Finally, Mr Walton explained what exciting activities we would encounter tomorrow.

Today I have learned:

1 Team working skills

2 How to use Photoshop on the computer

3 How to read Ordnance Survey maps


Log Book Diary Inserts

Map skills 2015