Hertford and Ware Federation 2014

The Hertford and Ware Federation Statement of Aims

Formerly known as the Hertford and Ware Consortium, the Federation consists of five local schools, Chauncy, Presdales, Richard Hale, Sele, and Simon Balle. Its purpose is to widen the choice of courses open to 16 – 19 students who are in full time attendance at any of the member institutions.


The formal way in which this is achieved is by the inclusion of a common option block in the 16 – 19 curriculum of each institution. Students who choose a subject in the common option block may have to travel to another institution to study it. As with all subjects, places in this group are limited, but in the event of oversubscription, a Choices Panel ensures that places are shared fairly between institutions. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements before and after school, but transport is provided for the journeys taken during school hours. In addition, a timetable clash with other blocks may be resolved by a student taking up a particular subject in another institution.


Students remain on roll in their home institutions but are expected to conform to the expectations of their host institutions in dress, conduct and study habits. A Federation-wide assessment takes place at the end of the first half term and, both then and subsequently, parents will receive reports in the style of the host institution.


A preliminary exercise will be carried out in year eleven to assess subject demand, and the results of this survey will be reviewed by the Federation. A subsequent booklet will be distributed to Year Eleven students informing them of additional subject choices within the Federation, extended details of these courses and the location at which these courses run.


Any enquiries about the Federation should be addressed to Pablo Ardiles (Head of Sixth Form).