16 – 19 Tuition Funding

The 16 – 19 tuition funding will be used to provide small group tuition for students in English, Maths and other courses where learning has been disrupted. The tuition fund will support those students did not achieve a Grade 5 or above in English or maths and priority will be given to students who failed to achieve a Grade 4 and to disadvantaged students.

Tuition will be delivered by qualified teachers, who are subject specialists, and will be in addition to students’ planned learning hours. Students will receive the additional tuition in small groups, ideally fewer than 5 students, unless exceptional circumstances require a larger group.

The school has an excellent record in converting students’ Grade 3 or below in English and/or maths into standard or strong passes and this funding will allow us to continue to do this in spite of disruption to learning due to lockdown.

Many of our students who achieved lower than a Grade 5 in English and/or maths follow vocational programmes and the school has a history of strong progress in these courses. The funding will allow us to provide the additional support needed to ensure that these students continue to make strong progress in spite of the disruption to their learning due to lockdown.

Specifically, the funding will allow us to deliver the following intervention sessions:

  • One additional hour a week in English and maths to those students achieving Grade 3 or lower at age 16.
  • One hour a week of BTEC 3D Design and Business Studies
  • One hour a week in A Level Biology, Chemistry Computing, English Language, German, Maths, Physics, Politics, Psychology and Sociology

Whilst the cost of these sessions exceeds the allocated funding, we are committed to supporting our students in these challenging times.

Diane Carey (Deputy Head Teacher)