Learning Support

Our dedicated team of 12 teaching assistants work hard across the school to ensure that students who have been identified as having a Special Education Need (SEN) receive the best possible support throughout their school career.  The team has extensive knowledge and experience, as well as specialist qualifications, which allow us to deal with the wide range of individual difficulties students may encounter. In order to help them overcome these barriers to learning, we support students within lessons as well as provide focused support groups aimed at specific needs such as social skills, dyslexia, paired reading, numeracy and literacy. We invest in specialist teaching resources to engage students and motivate them to progress and achieve.

We place home/school links as a high priority for the team and believe the key to success is working closely with students and their families. We ensure parents/guardians are fully informed of the provision we have in place for each individual and our SENCO is available throughout the day to answer any queries. Working in collaboration enhances students’ progress.

We recognise that the transition from Primary to Secondary can be difficult for all students, particularly those with SEN. Through our close links with local primary schools we are able to prepare for the needs of our students and offer an excellent transition programme to ensure students quickly settle into life at Chauncy.

The school strives to offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all our students and, using a comprehensive system of diagnostic assessment, we are able to identify SEN at all Key Stages and put in place appropriate provision. As a team, we regularly share information with teaching staff to enable them to plan for their students’ individual needs.  If required, we look to access specialist support from outside agencies to further enhance provision.

We believe that all students are individuals and as a department we are committed to supporting all aspects of learning and ensuring our SEN students achieve their potential.  Further details of SEN provision is available in the school SEN Information Report/SEN Policy which can be accessed via the website.

Lucy Saxon (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)